Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family energy savings and the slow return to prosperity

The world's foremost financial shaman started his latest post with:

Eh? What's going on? Why am I writing on a Saturday afternoon? Is there something wrong with me? No, dear reader, I'm just feeling a bit bored...
As for me, no, I'm not bored, though I am writing on a Saturday night. Instead, I'm poor again. Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose. The #%$* US dollars from my account vanished. For an illuminating cause, but just like that. Yeah baby, no more dance for you tonight.

I am poor again.

To compensate somewhat for this sorry state of affairs, save the day, and edge forward, I'm watching Le plus grande cabaret du monde on TV5.
On voudrait des sous pour acheter des frites, on voudrait des sous pour aller dancer...
The lyrics are emboldening, the dance phenomenal. Moreover, it seems that many more are looking for some kind of change.

At the same time, as someone raised for, and used to, multitasking activities, I'm reading with reasonable optimism through this interesting research paper, 'Smart Family' Opportunities for Energy Savings. It claims to allow families to save up to $10,000 per year per home in energy bills (emission abatement included), by using a range of simple technologies. [The practical Canadian home owner may want to refer to CMHC's Renovating for energy savings and, in Ontario, also to OPA's Every kilowatt counts.]

Who knows.

Sous by sous, one might become riche again...

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