Monday, March 29, 2010

Phinancials and PhDs

Before the economy rebounds overwhelmingly and we forget, once again, all about crises, here's a reminder.  (a) Crises come in two flavours: 1. the garden-variety, or cyclical mild meltdown, and 2. the once-in-a-very_lengthy_stretch_of_time type of calamity;  (b) It's worth remembering that, while one pays a couple of limbs or so (in whatever currency is applicable) for education, education too pays:

Another useful piece of advice related to the above and from the same Piled Higher and Deeper site: it is never too late to get learnin'. Your portfolio already took a dive during the recent crisis, now a mind would be another terrible thing to waste...

As to the observation below, never mind. Though it should be noted that the mortal on the left is more adequately equipped, both money-wise and time-wise, to get wasted, more often:

Also, here's one for the careful consideration of the eventually-set-to-learn-and/or-get-married pricey offspring.

Finally, if this applies to you (it did to Norbert), a post in Canadian Capitalist mentions a cheaper way to convert currency, by buying stock in one currency account and selling it in another.

Thanks to ds for the pointer!

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