Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What, another money blog?

Given the lack of financial knowledge of most, as revealed in various recent surveys both in Canada and in the US (and by the stellar losses in our savings and pension plans), we believe that indeed there is room for another Web site dealing with money matters. While the blog was conceived as just a reference and place to exchange ideas for our own benefit, we decided that it may prove to be of help to others, and that we'll all learn from a more public forum. Financial survival (or, as your case may be, hobby) in today's world requires a certain degree of knowledge. As a rule, the realization that it's all in your own hands comes a bit late (retirement around the corner, permanently let go anyone?)...

There are several personalities, and different levels of experience and interests behind the pages of this blog. We fully embrace capitalism on a good day in the markets, but tend to lean somewhat towards the other side on correction days. But we always enjoy a good discussion, and share a passion for learning.

And, finally, a profound message. William Goetzmann and Geert Rouwenhorst write:
The word "finance" in English comes from Old French, and shares a common root with the word "finish." It was used in the fourteenth century to imply a final settlement, and used most colorfully in Chaucer's Lamentation of Mary Magdelene who proclaims: "dethe is my Finaunce," a metaphor suggesting that life itself is a loan from God and death is the completion, or repayment. This similarity between life's course and a financial contract was apparently more than just a poetic conceit in medieval times.

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