Saturday, November 28, 2009

A stroke of luck

This time of year here in Toronto the weather is gloom, boom, and doom. All that talk of green shoots is irrelevant by now. Summer was a blast, but mainly because it was so short.

Trust the business side of things to provide a ray of sunshine.

Weather Network Web screenThis is a snapshot of the Weather Network for Toronto. There are two ads on the right. The top invites you to the new Bacon Deluxe (just look what's in-between those buns), at the bottom there is mention of heart and stroke and odds of 1 in 3. "Best odds ever." You bet!...

Heck, we never really understood the world of advertising.


  1. Thanks for the visiting my site and for the comment...I answered you're question (I think).

    LOL...yah, the advertising there is hilarious. At least both have to do with gambling with your heart!

  2. Dr Stock, thanks both for dropping by and for the answer!