Sunday, May 24, 2009

Came so far for beauty, left so much behind...

In the interest of clarity, transparency, and full disclosure, here's an approximate but revealing summary of this blog so far. In the spirit of self-improvement, a matter we take very seriously, we undertake to broaden, extend, and expand our vocabulary, and in general lucubrate more. After we apply for some government stimulus.

words in this blog so far
My masterpiece unsigned


  1. Amazing...thank you for openness

    I'd expected to also find in the myriad of logos above the "as" asymmetric solar ?
    Was it lost in the cosmic-ray diffusion ?

  2. Now that you mention it, we expected precisely the same. At that conjecture, however, a termination shock intervened, presumably due to some darn events further out in a corner of that %^$# vast heliosheath...

  3. this is great... possibly one of the best pictures I've seen lately.