Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sound of Markets

In an interview last week David Rosenberg, still of Merrill Lynch, offered his views about the current markets direction. He said:

Market likely to peak the end of the week [Friday]. Just as the clock is winding down on my tenure at Merrill Lynch, the equity market is winding up with an impressive near-40% rally in just nine weeks. For those that were still long the equity market back at the March 9 lows, a good 'devil’s advocate' exercise would be to ask yourself the question whether you would have taken the opportunity, if the offer had been presented, to have sold out your position with a 40% premium at the time. What do you think you would have said back then, as fears of financial Armageddon were setting in? We haven’t conducted a poll, but we are sure at least 90% of the longs at that point would have screamed "hit the bid!"
Read more here: Goodbye, Thank You, Yes It's Just A Sucker's Rally...

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