Thursday, April 15, 2010

L'argent de poche

The last few days were somewhat hectic as we kept busy letting down the many visitors who presumably want to learn how to get rich and live happily (or who, on occasion, and content with just the happily part, searched for pot and were pointed to our experiments with Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, POT.TO), dropping by from such faraway places with such beautiful names, many of which challenged our notions of geography: Pompton Lakes, Beaconsfield, Belleville, Beamsville, Saint-Eustache, Anchorage, Dhahran, Silla, Whitehorse, Red Deer, Port Alberni, Vernon, Quesnel, Belmopan, Glace Bay, Iqaluit, Garden River, Maple, La Malbaie, Courtenay, Sherwood Park, Torrance, Mountain View, White Rock, Moncton, Littleton, Albuquerque, Sturgeon Falls...

Now that things have finally returned to their subdued normalcy, we relaxed by indulging in a bit of art. In a good mood, and in an act of generosity, we're sharing here a rather unassuming objet from our own impermanent collection.

Life Savings, c. 15 April 2010. Detail. (From the
private collection in Notre Portefeuille, Toronto.)

Ars brevis, vita longa.

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