Friday, April 9, 2010

The wrong blog

Hi there, errant pilgrim of the Web!

You, too, from The G&M??

Must be a mistake somewhere. Not sure why you got directed here. You're in the wrong place. (And let's make it perfectly clear, we have no idea who that guy is.)

As a reader of The G&M you must have high standards. You won't find any here.

We know money doesn't grow on trees. (It grows in tall buildings — see at right.) Beyond that, it's anybody's guess. When we display a graph it's only because we have a thing for squiggly lines. From what we've observed so far, the markets are a thoroughly mad affair. Which only someone just as mad can make sense of:
Sometimes stocks or the whole market will go up or down for reasons that have nothing to do with the underlying prospects of actual companies. Sure, you’ll search for a legitimate answer — Was it the rising dollar? Maybe it was the spate of bad earnings reports? — and the media will offer a few as well. But there will come a point where you’ll have to admit, Cramer said, that the moves are "just nuts".
Though we did suggest, rather early in the current mess, that the eliminated workforce are busy spending their severances, so a recovery in the economy will evidently come from the very casualties of its slump. (A sizeable part of the aforementioned hadworkforce are passionately dedicated to trading on their own, and must be recognized for the adequate measure of volatility in the Canadian markets. A strong recovery and the consequent drop in jobless numbers are bound to have a negative impact.)

Financial blogs offer practical advice. Everybody offers advice. We don't. Just as an example, we were all giddy over this week's parity hit-and-run. But naively, just for parity's sake. Big Cajun Man kept his cool and listed promptly a few things you should rush and do while the loons are flying (courteously, and all the while mumbling Thank you!).

We have a low post count. (We'd much rather spend our precious time at The Duke of York, on the patio. Followed by Starbucks, or Aroma across the street, depending on the position of the sun. On the patio.) Plus, this blog doesn't even use real words sometimes. (Either that or it's replete with mispellings.) Bloglogog? Finarcical, shmanancial? Debrial / debriferous? Potashkewan? Hadworkforce??

The only thing we can recommend with a straight face is the sidebar (on your left). In part it points to others', very skilled, work: blogs, Web sites, books, quotes, the news; in part it is generated automatically by a computer: the archive and index.

Sorry. Good-bye. And, thank you!
Photo: First Canadian Place, BMO Toronto headquarters.
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

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